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About The Oromia Regional State HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office

The Oromia Regional Government established the Oromia HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (OHAPCO) to coordinate, mobilize, manage, guide and support the HIV/AIDS activities and regional responses of different organizations and groups in Oromia.

As in other regions of Ethiopia, Oromia faces serious problems from HIV/AIDS. OHAPCO is at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic in the region. The Office operates in a situation of difficulties, resource shortages, and capacity limitations in an environment where many people are exposed to the danger of HIV/AIDS, suffering from HIV and burdened with the impact of AIDS. OHAPCO therefore aims to be very strategic in its purpose, direction and operations.

Under the umbrella of national HIV/AIDS policy, national HIV/AIDS strategic framework, EMSAP/PIM, the national response momentum and the support and assistance of NACS/PCU, OHAPCO mobilizes and coordinates the regional HIV/AIDS activities in 26 woredas and among regional government offices and civil society organizations.

The vision of OHAPCO is to see an HIV/AIDS free Oromia. OHAPCO aims to accomplish this vision through strategically carrying out its mission and achieving its goals with the contributions and input of the relevant stakeholders.

OHAPCO Mission, Goals and Stakeholders

Mission: to effectively and efficiently coordinate the activities of all actors involved in the prevention and control of the spread of HIV/AIDS and reducing its impacts in Oromia; and to build capacity, draw commitments and mobilize resources for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Goal: to reduce and eventually stop HIV infection, and to mitigate the impact of AIDS in all its forms.

Stakeholders: Some of the most critical stakeholders include – the Regional Government of Oromia, Oromia Regional HIV/AIDS Council, OHAPCO Staff, Bureau of Health, Zones/Woredas, National HAPCO, Federal HAPCO, donors and support organizations, sector regional government agencies, NGOs, FBOs, CBOs and other community institutions.

The Oromia HAPCO office is located in Adama, Oromia. For additional information on the Oromia HAPCO office, send inquires to:

Oromia HAPCO Office
P.O. Box 121276
Addis Ababa,

Telephone: +251 (0)11 442 2765/ 011 442 1815
Fax: +251 (0)11 442 7917
Email: ohapcs@ethionet.et