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HIV/AIDS, Gender and Reproductive Health Promotion: The Role of Traditional Institutions among the Borena Oromo, Southern Ethiopia



Ibrahim Amae Elemo (M.D.)

Date of publication:


Published by:

Ibrahim Amae Elemo 2005, Finfinne

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Gadda counselors who seek ritual superiority often challenge each other issues such as who failed to defend the borena custom and laws and who is really committed to maintain the Nagaa Borena, i.e., Peace of Borena

The GGA is an independent body in the traditional Borena political life, therefore, any external political intervention is unjust and should be considered equivalent to intervening in the internal affaires of a sovereign nation.

For copies of this book please contact:

Ibrahim Amae Elemo (M.D.)
Telephone: +251-91-1235093 (Mobile)
or +251-91-1479164 (Private)
Email: ielemo@yahoo.com