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PMTCT - FastTrack - Best Practice - April 2010: Merawi, Ethiopia - Amharic - Part II
Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI)-Ethiopia, through its EMRI project, has been working in 30 PHUs in four regions to develop best practices that can be replicated and scaled up to 3,200 similar primary health care facilities by the government, all over the country.

One such innovation is the use of FastTrack method to expand PMTCT in rural PHCUs. Cognizant of the fact that PMTCT service coverage in Ethiopia is (currently estimated at 10%) much lower than the national target of 80% by 2010 and that traditional strategies have not produced desired results, CHAI through its EMRI program, undertook a pilot of PMTCT FT in 8 PHUCs in Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regions.

The objective of the pilot was to test the feasibility of using the innovative FastTrack approach to increase the uptake of PMTCT service. During the Pilot period, nearly half of the estimated pregnancies in the catchment areas were enrolled into ANC program, a majority of HIV pregnant women received ARVs (94%), 74% delivered at the HC, and an overwhelming majority (94%) of HEI were enrolled to care.

This documentary film has been produced to share the experience drawn from one of the pilot implementation sites and to promote the replication and scaling up of PMTCT FT as a method of increasing uptake of PMTCT service in Ethiopia.


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Language Amharic


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