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Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS)

The 2005 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) was conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and implemented by the then Population and Housing Census Commission Office (PHCCO), now merged with the Central Statistical Agency (CSA). 2005 EDHS differed from the 2000 EDHS mainly because it included testing for the prevalence of anaemia and HIV.

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AIDS in Ethiopia 6th Report

The AIDS in Ethiopia 6th report is launched September 18th, 2006. According to the report, the estimated national HIV prevalence in 2005 was 3.5% (3% and 4% for males and females respectively).

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ብ ቤት ፅ/ሕፈት ምክ/ምቁ/ኤች ኣይ ቪ ኤድስ ክልል ትግራይ
ናይ ገንዘብ ድጋፍ ተገይርሎም ኣብ  IGA ፕሮግራም  
ካብ ዝሰርሑ  ኣካላት ሓደ ማሕበር ሕውነት  ደቅሰብ ሓደ እዩ



Mekelle ARC Prepared one Dawel Magazine  

 for the  2008 world AIDS day  

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HIV Prevalence Rate
Tigray HAPCO Strategic Plan

  • About ARC

  • Welcome to Tigray Regional State HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office

    The Tigray National Regional State (TNRS) covers the northern part of Ethiopia bordering Eritrea and the Sudan. Tigray region covers 80,000 square km and has a population of 3,901,000.

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    9 months report(Hamle1999-Megabit2000)HCT performance

    HIV care and ART Update

      Tigray rigion Health bureau 9 months(Hamle 2000-Megabit 2001)HIV/AIDS ART reports

    Vision in Action has identified several gaps that are challenging to the PLWHA. Among others the outstanding gaps is the lack of sustainable and adequate care and support is one. Hence filling this gap through home based care to activity, including benefiting from psychosocial Support activities are the priorities.click here to read more about Vision in Action...

    ማሕበር ወለዶ ምድሓን ትግራይ
    (Save the Generation Assocation Tigray)

    save the generation association is non profit making indigenous non governmental organization established 2001e.c by 11 committed HIV positive citizens to contribute in the fight of HIV epidemic, advocate the right of PL HIV offering constrictive ideas to policy makers .stigma and discrimination .care and support service to positively living people .working with all governmental non governmental organization .with a presence in all wereda’s of Tigray region with its head office in Tigray regional state Mekelle town. Leader ship in SGAT isled by through general assembly and elected board members represented both from the association and different sectors of the society.
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